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Modelboats00928.JPG6106 viewsmata
100_0053.jpgJaws5041 viewsClose up of jaws the rescue boat. It started life as a fishing bait boat (trays on the back). The bait trays now hold the gunner (in JAmes Bond Mode) on...... or indeed OFF!astecmodeluk
000_0272.JPGAlamo4911 viewsI brought this boat from Astec and am very pleased with the way it looks and performs. It is fast and stable running on BB turbo and 12 cells but think it will handle more power. This get a lot of attention from others when on the water. Would highly recommend if you enjoy fast electrics. Next project is to upgrade to 14 cells to see how it performs.vxnh995
Modelboats00952.JPG4774 viewsmata
exec_0002.wmvExecutive V Xzess24720 viewsastecme

Last viewed - Fast Electric Model Boats
snark2.jpgSnark 2 - Ulises Torres3660 viewsthis was sent to me on friday and in just a few days it came out looking like this it is your little GT models hydro notice the seamless deck/hull joint. sorry about the blue tape I will send you a second picture with clear tape soon. I thought maybe you can use it as your web catalog display astecmeMay 22, 2015 at 09:28 PM
000_0307.JPGxzess1 hydro 1810 viewsBrought this from Astec very nice looking boat. Was running on 12 double and 7 cells but not to good so just in process of fitting a 5 turn cobalt motor see what happens. Let you know how i get on.

Supplied moulded in quality epoxy glass with superb sharp edges.

530mm long 345mm wide. suitable for 7 cell or 1.8cc IC
vxnh995May 22, 2015 at 09:28 PM
my_boats_001_(2).jpgTorran Haywards fleet427 viewsEtti Chaser, Tenshock Eco 06, Tenshock mini eco. I really do like the livery. Hope they goa as well as they look!astecmodelukMay 22, 2015 at 08:30 PM
tempov11_1.jpgTempo VII319 viewsAnother view of Roger Newtons Tempo VII IC 1/8th scale hydroplaneastecmodelukMay 21, 2015 at 07:41 PM
paynpak8.jpgPaynPak kit333 viewsView of the front of the tunnel with the nose plated over. You can see the tunnel side rails clearly. These are sanded to an angle. I used a couple of PermaGrit sanders - one long one and one with a beveled end to allow close access. I have a few - they are great and nearly indestructible. astecmodelukMay 21, 2015 at 07:40 PM

Random files - Fast Electric Model Boats
malaysia2.jpgMalaysian Hydro619 viewsNow I know this is near exact scale because this has been built by the designers (Cougartek) as a demo unit and for test purposes. near exact? Well we supplied some of the bits - including the hardware and we had to make some small changes to the hardware to make it work at model size - but it is very nearly there. Why Malaysian hydro? Because it is so new it does not yet have a name!!!!!
slomo1.jpgSlo Mo IV711 viewsBuilt from Roger Newton plans (Newton Marine) but modified to reflect pictorial evidence from the time. Here you can see some of the detail that went into this model astecmodeluk
IMG_1307.JPG1277 viewsastecme
dpi-ad-1.jpgDarin Jordans Apian Jeronimo879 viewsThis shows what can be achieved with a DPI american dream kit. This is not just a paint job. Darin has also made modifications to the original build to improve the run.astecme
IMG_9402.JPG156 viewsastecmodeluk

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Atlas_Van_Lines_8th_13.jpg160 viewsastecmodelukJul 23, 2012
Atlas_Van_Lines_8th_12.jpg90 viewsastecmodelukJul 23, 2012
Atlas_Van_Lines_8th_11.jpg73 viewsastecmodelukJul 23, 2012
Atlas_Van_Lines_8th_10.jpg70 viewsastecmodelukJul 23, 2012
Atlas_Van_Lines_8th_09.jpg87 viewsastecmodelukJul 23, 2012